What a week.


As packed as last week was… I really don’t want to go through that again.  Or, rather, all at once!

On the plus side, we got off to a quick start of Kickstarter… raised 5% of the budget int he first 36 hours!  I got retweeted on the campaign by both Manga Studio from Dummies author and cartoonist Doug Hills and writer/artist Jimmy Palmiotti, as well as from a couple of Kickstarter-aggregating/based companies!  Not only that, but I made the “Most Popular Comics” list the second day in!

Aside from that, got some more penciling done this weekend.  Looking to either pencil or ink through today.  I think the idea of have 15 completed pages by Thanksgiving’s looking good (I’ll certainly have 10).

On the negative side… not going into that, because I don’t want any of you to think I’m trying to get sympathy pledges or anything, and in the end, it’s a bit private.

Point being…. it was a hell of a week.

As far as the campaign goes right now… I do need help!  I’m 20 cents short of being 6% funded, but I only have 22 days left to go!  That means I have to get another $6270 in 22 days, an average of $285 in pledges a day from now ’til then!

I’m doing everything I can… I have a Facebook ad campaign up and running.  I also created a fan page for the campaign itself (I encourage you to “like” and keep up there!), where I will be posting updates, images from my drawing table as I continue work, etc.  We’re up to 50 fans now, and I’d like to add a lot more to it!

Lastly, if you haven’t already,  please check out the campaign!  Even if you can’t (or won’t) pledge, do me a favor and click on the video to watch…. even that helps (as it puts me further along in the “most popular projects” list)!

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