Update 18: So Close to the Printers!

So, it’s been two weeks since the Big Convention here in KC.

For reference, here was our banner (“our” being fellow Kickstarter success Marshall Edwards and myself):

We got some decent traffic, all things considered.  We were kind of in the ass end of Artists Alley, so to speak. We were sitting next to four other creators to our right, but everyone else around us were vendors.  The guy to our left was a pleasant enough guy, but primarily sold Manga Studio 4- created straight-on headshots of various superheroes and other pop culture characters (he probably made a mint on the headshots of the Lego Movie characters… lots of parents of little kids there, after all).  We had another pop culture-based painter across the aisle from us, another print artist next to him, and a bunch of woodland/faerie/new-agey brick-a-brack.  Oh well.  I did make a handful of pre-sales of the book in digital format, so that’s good (and Marshall sold quite a few copies of his books as well)!

Now, onto the book progress.


Got lots of these pages.  These are two of the last ten or twelve pages.

Good news:  book’s basic art is pretty much done (or close to done, i.e. minor inking changes here and there), or will be done in the next three days.  I’ve colored a bit of the book and am setting everything up in digital proof files, as required by the printer (I was initially trained in digital pre-press at Mizzou, so this is more of  a tedious, as opposed to difficult, task).

Here is one of the preview pages from the show;  final text in the balloons and captions will be hand-written (as I hate the typefaces I’ve dealt with):


The bad news:  I’m still coloring.  I’m coloring a lot, and will be until everything gets sent off.  My printer is quite fast, but I fear the physical (NOT the digital) book may be later than April 30, as planned.


If this happens (and it might), I will send out a digital copy of the book no later than April 30 to you, so you can at least know it’s done and in your hands, if only virtually, as well as extra source material in your packets of goodies from me as a mea culpa (believe me, I have plenty of extra stuff to go around).  That means that if all you did was order a physical book, and the printing is delayed, you’re getting extra original bits from the book.  If you ordered a package that already had original art or personalized art, you still get that, PLUS more original bits from the book production.

The Early Bird special is still in effect; you can expect your digital copies one week early,  and the physical copies will go out one week ahead of the regular book, as originally planned.

Once the book is in the hands of the printer, I will let you know.  Once that’s in, all the extra original art for backers will be completed!




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