Update 17: Comicon Week!

Hey all, before I forget (as I’ve been SWAMPED – and ill – the past week), I need to let you all know about the convention here this weekend in KC!


If you’re in town, I’ll be there, at Planet Comicon, at Bartle Hall, just off of Interstate 70 in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, in Artists’ Alley, at Table 344, next to fellow Kickstarter success story Marshall Edwards, where we will be hawking various wares (books, posters, etc.).  As far as my merch goes, I will be selling digital and physical pre-sales on the book… which get convention goers a free poster upon purchase, so if you missed out on the backing part, you still have a chance to snatch a copy before everything launches live at the end of April! Also, I’ll have new full-color page previews (WITH text, for those curious!) at the table, and take away B&W copies for convention-goers!  Also, for anyone interested, B&W character prints will be on sale for $2.50 a piece until they’re gone, and, in whatever copious downtime I have, I’ll be drawing as I see fit!

If you like, come on in and say “hi”!



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