Update 14: Keep on Truckin’

Samples of various pages... just so you know I'm on the up and up! Click to Enlarge!

Samples of various pages… just so you know I’m on the up and up! Click to Enlarge!

So, another Super Bowl Sunday, another work day for me (I’d be out @ a party, but I really want to work today, since yesterday was shot).  Had to take some time culling images from both digital and physical pages for the attached general sample seen here (otherwise would have posted on Friday night).

Not a huge update or anything this week… just movin’ along and working towards the finish line!  When we go to print, I’ll put up a proper 10-page preview for you all to see and read!

One IMPORTANT note, however:  I am going through the list of backers this week, to see who yet needs to send me a photo (assuming you were supposed to).  If you haven’t yet, please do. We’re in the back half of the book, and I have some character slots not yet drawn in, and I don’t want to hold up the book if I can avoid it.  So, if you do get a message from me re: a photo, please respond ASAP.  Thanks!


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