Update 13: We’re on our way!


Here are ten physical post-Kickstarter Success pages.  I have another 24 digital pages (I tend to waffle a bit between digital and physical… sometimes I’m not feeling it with Wacom tablet, sometimes I literally run out of room waiting for pages to dry, etc.), and two non-pictured physical pages not pictured.  So as to not give away any plot points, I’ll be creating an individual image this next week with shots from the digital pages for Facebook and the next project update next week!

In other news, I’ve gotten press issues sorted out, business issues taken care of (ISBN, etc.), and, as it stands, the physical book will be for sale on Amazon and my own site (ditto for the digital version)!  I could, arguably, sell on Barnes & Noble’s site, etc., but we’ll have to wait and see.  I’d like to get it on Comixology when it’s all done, if that’s possible (again, I’ll have to wait and see!).

Getting psyched about Planet Comicon… I’ve done half my promo art for it, and I found out that they have William Shatner coming, which, in addition to all the ridiculously talented artists already showing (you can read that list here), puts me over the moon!  Again, if you get a chance, swing into downtown KC the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day and say hey!

’til next week,


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