Update #10: Last of the Year (next one in four days!)

This update seems a little late, as I’ve posted one every Friday.  I held off because I wanted to get some info on a (hopeful) outside-the-office workday on New Year’s Day.

The plan was to get confirmation I could go to the venue (my favorite coffee shop), and, with other drawing friends who also go to the same shop, have a productive day that any of you could have come to visit and hang out!

Unfortunately, it looks like said coffee shop will be closed this New Year’s Day (not a usual issue, mind you – been here for drawing on New Year’s Day in the past… just some different circumstances this year).  So, it looks like a regular work day for me.

That’s a good thing, though, as this past week saw little get done.  Part of that was due to being out on Christmas Eve, for obvious reasons, with family.  Christmas Day was spent putting together my big present:  a standing-level drafting table!  I sort of had to close down the studio that day, just for the necessary space and rearranging required to put the damn thing together, but I’m glad I did, as I now have both a standing and a standard sitting drawing table!  I have to say, when it gets cold and nasty this time of year, it’s a good thing to be as active as you can, and keep your metabolism going as fast as you can.

So, I got about 2 1/2 to 3 days worth of actual work done this past week.  This week, I’ll be out of the studio one day.  After that, I’m on a super-tight schedule to get the book finished on time!

Assuming I hear back from a convention promoter, I should have some info for you on that front as well.

Now, back to the drawing board!




PS:  I’m going to try the webcam out again on UStream after New Year’s.  I’m hoping the streaming issues are traffic-related, and that we should be back to normal on that, so you know you spent your money wisely!  If it’s still no dice, I’m gonna have to do some research for a free streaming option.  Again, if anyone has any suggestions, please send them along to me at mike@mikekeener.com

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