The holidays are here…

Hey all!

If you haven’t already, please check out the White Worm Kickstarter page on Facebook for  more frequent updates (I post pretty often her, but even more there)!

Well, the cam isn’t working out like I hoped.  Does anyone have a suggestion for free live feeds that are pretty seamless, outside of UStream?

On the plus side, we’re staying on track, production wise;  we start the next week with almost a third of the book inked!  Granted, holiday obligations will slow the week down a bit, but after that, it’s smooth sailing.

I’ve gotten some (but not all) of the photos needed from backers for book reward purposes;  please send me a photo if you haven’t already!

Lastly, I’ll have some public appearance news for you (hopefully) in next week’s update.  Also, once some coloring gets finished, I’ll have a FREE TO ALL 8-page preview up on my site for viewing; I’ll keep you posted!


Lastly, I hope you all have  a happy holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, New Year, just got done with Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all!  Be nice, take it easy, and let me know if any of you need shout-outs or information passed along for help with anything!


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