Second Workweek Update

1.  Having connectivity/”freezing” issues with the webcam stream.  Not sure what to do.  Anyone have any ideas, or do frequent shots of the progress on the book cut it?  Let me know – you guys are backing me, after all!

2.  I’m working on the roughs up through page 14, and will hopefully have all of them inked by Monday.  I started at page 7 when I officially started on this part of the project, and I didn’t have a proper scanner/printer for 11″ x 17″ art board or a working lightbox until this week (which limited me to penciling and inking only at first), so, that’s not too bad… pagework will have to be ramped up, though!

3.  If anyone was wanting to know, I do some page 100% digitally, and I do some where the pencils and inks are totally hand-created.  This is not due to any other reason other than that some pages, where I need a massive perspective ruler that might even be too large for my relatively small drawing table or something similarly technical, make sense to be created on the screen, while others simply “don’t look right” unless hand-drawn from start to finish.  I know, I’m weird like that.  I WILL say that if there are any aspiring cartoonists out there, Manga Studio 5 is the way to go… and that’s an unpaid endorsement.

4.  I’ll be working here, 9-5, all this week.  I’ll be off Christmas Eve and Day (I’ll still be here… just not @ the drawing table those two days).  Next Thursday and Friday, though, I’ll be at work here.  I’m going to double check about New Year’s Day… may be working at the Crossroads Coffeehouse here in KC that day, but I won’t know until later.  Regardless, I plan on working New Years Day (what better way to start out the year than doing what you love to do?).

If anyone has any questions, comments, complaints, etc., send me a message!

Until next week,


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