Project Update #4: Final Week

NOTE:  This is a cross-post from the Kickstarter Update page.


This is coming a little over a day early,  as we only have seven days left as of 10:45am today.

We’ve done pretty well so far. we’re at or above 20%.  We have mixed  predictions on how we will fare:  Sidekick has us at 100% probability of success, while Kicktraq projects we’ll only make another 8% of the goal obviously, one’s wrong…. but which one?

I put up a pretty standard Twitter/Facebook update regarding the last week status this morning.  It’s going to be my last one until the end of the project, unless we get so close to being funded near the end that a last minute plea is well-warranted.

The reason for this is that I have noticed very little traction in my own posts (as I’ve been hitting it at least once a day for the past 20+ days, that’s understandable).  Few (if any) “likes” or replies have accompanied my posts for the past week or two (though a number of you have been reposting and retweeting, and, of course, I thank you for that, but more on that in the next paragraph).  My thought is that my posts have just sort of become a fart in an echo chamber (pardon the expression) that gets ignored at best, or banned for spam at worst (one subject matter-related group on Facebook in particular was pretty nasty and childish about it, but never mind them).  My goal is not to be annoying or irritating to anyone, and considering the repetitive nature of project-hawking, I think it would be better to just state my case and move on through the week.

I think where my success has been coming from hasn’t been so much from my posts, but rather from your posts and shares.  A lot of what I’ve raised recently came directly from total strangers.  I suppose it’s possible they were cruising the Kickstarter site and decided to fund me (about 35% of my pledges have come that way), but the vast majority of backers have come via Facebook or other direct links.

So, here’s my plea:  take the following link ( ) and share it with whoever you think might be interested.  DON’T SPAM… just copy it and write a little post on your Facebook or Twitter profiles about why you backed it.  It could be that you’re a big comic fan, a big Cthulhu-mythos fan, a friend or family member who’s helping out… the ultimate reason’s interchangeable to strangers, but your enthusiasm drives this project, and enthusiasm is contagious!

I have enthusiasm in great big burlap sacks for this project, but as I’m the one doing the work, that’s not as important.  When I post about it, I look like a cold calling salesman, and very few people welcome that.  You – the backers, the readers, the collectors – you drive the project.  You’ve brought me further faster than I could hope for, and I am forever grateful.

Thanks to all of you,

Mike Keener



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