Pre-Game Warm-up

Well, the vast majority of my current contract work is done!  The next two days are crucial.


Picking up my webcam today.  Once here, I’ll be setting it up and working out any kinks I have to work out for the live feed. Also, rearranging my office a bit to keep me as active as possible (should be working at a stand-up drawing table  by Sunday).


The live feed officially starts at 9:00 AM CST, and ends at 5 PM CST.  This will be repeated, Monday through Friday, until the book is done.  There will be a one-hour lunch each day (though not necessarily at the same time each day).  Any time I’m away from my desk, I’ll have a note there for viewers to see (out to lunch, etc.), so you know it’s just temporary.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will have no feed (and, most likely either New year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, not sure which yet, will also have no feed, or only a partial feed).  As I have my in-laws nearby, and my own family 200 miles away, sometime either during the last week of December or some week  in January, there will be a couple of days with no feed, solely to visit my own family for a late Christmas.  The last planned day with no stream is February 21, as I have an unbreakable engagement that day.

Other than that, it’s smooth sailing!  I figure I have, in total, 83 days to finish the art on the book, if I want to be done by the end of February.  The first 2 pages are fully complete, the next six need color.  That leaves 67 pages, start to finish, to be completed in 83 days, and the goal here s an average of 1 completed page a day.


For the first couple of weeks, however, I will most likely, solely be penciling (maybe inking a little bit).  The reason for this is that my scanner is an older model that only scans at 8.5″ x 11″, and the only way to get good scans of the 11″ x 17″ art board right now is to cut them in half, scan them,  and then reassemble the pages digitally.  However, as original art is being given away to Kickstarter backers, I don’t really want to do that;  I think my backers should have complete pages as rewards (call me crazy).  So, what I’m waiting on are various funds to come in (Kickstarter funds will be available in about two weeks, and I have contract payments coming in as well around the same time) so I can procure an inexpensive, ut reliable 11″ x 17″ flatbed scanner for the art (a special thanks to artist extraordinaire/all-around awesome guy Terry Beatty for the assist in helping me find a reliable, inexpensive solution!  Check out his site and his Sunday strip!).  I arranged for hardware/emergency budgeting in my Kickstarter budget, and this is only a sliver of that (I set aside some funding in the budget in the event of hard drive crashes or other, similar hardware failures, for extra unforeseen publishing expenses, in the event there was any unexpected delay where I needed more time to complete the book (like family health issues, personal illnesses like influenza, etc.).  As it stands right now, we’re looking to possibly have a little budget surplus (granted, that could change by the end of the process, depending on what happens in the next three months), but if we continue to have such a surplus, I will work out some sort of extra reward for all my backers (we’ll just have to see where it goes!)

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