First Workweek Update


*Pictured – four pages either pencilled, inked, or in stages of completion, all started this week.  Not pictured: one digital page in the process of being inked.


All right!  We’re at the end of the first business week.  I’m up to page 12 (out of 75), and am hoping to have at least another five pages this next week.


There are times I’ve noticed connectivity issues with the UStream feed… still working on that.  If anyone’s had problems, please let me know.


Funds were made available about a week earlier than anticipated, so I went on a much needed supply run today for physical creation (artboard, pen nibs, lead, ink, etc.) and digital finishing (11″ x 17″ scanner for the artboard; since my backers are getting original art, I really don’t want to have to bend or cut the board to fit a small scanning bed).   Didn’t go crazy or anything;  just got what was needed (I’m cost conscious enough that I created a standing desk using cinder blocks, to give you an idea of how I run things in my home studio/office).

In any case, I’ll be plotting out pages, in terms of blocking/layout this weekend, and may even get a head start over the weekend, as well.  Anything I finish, I’ll certainly post either here or on Twitter/Facebook (any chance I get ahead of schedule, I’ll sure as hell brag about it, I can tell you!).

Most importantly, I just wanted to make sure you saw the stuff I’ve been scribbling on this week, so you know I’m on the up and up.  As work gets a little more finished onscreen, I’ll fix the webcam so you can see the screen (I’m a bit uncomfortable with people seeing my basic scribbles, but once things are mostly inked in, I’m more than happy to share!

Until Monday,



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