Project Update #3: The Ancient Ones REVEALED!

NOTE:  This has been cross-posted from the Kickstarter Backer Update for this week, for your convenience.  -Keener


Hey all!

It’s been a hell of a week… in a good way!

We’ve passed our first $1000 (a HUGE milestone), gotten MASSIVE retweets, and, from what I have heard, good word of mouth!

I also decided to do 2 things, re: the campaign:  1:  remove limitations on the Kickstarter Special Edition packets, and 2. release a little info, re: the plot.  As much as I’d like to keep the basic plot I have under wraps, I have no previous longform work out there for people to see and pledge on that basis, so I felt it might be wise to let people know this will involve the Cthulhu mythos in a BIG way.  When writing the script, and looking for my own motivations, I found that mixing in the father of modern horror (Lovecraft) and the last (or one of the last) of the older-fashioned gothic horror writers (Stoker) seemed not only appropriate, but made the most sense for what  I had in mind.

As I write at the moment, we have to raise $5530 to meet our goal by Thanksgiving at 11:45am EST.  That means we have to raise an average of $460 a day (or just a have a few even more ridiculously big pledge days!).  Again, I’m advertising, hawking, doing all I can to get the word out, and a lot of you have helped immensely in getting the word out.

What we need now is a massive linkshare initiative.  If you’ve backed the project, believe in it, and want to help see it be successful, you need to help me (if you haven’t already) let as many people know about it as possible!  If you look under popular comics links as of right now, we’re in the Top 30 links.  That’s great, because it keeps us easy to find!  The more people visit, even if they don’t pledge, the higher in the listings we go!

I really hope this takes off.  Granted, being on camera for 40 hours a week at your own desk might sound like torture to some, but for me, I’m more than glad to put myself there for all of you; the people who believe in me, the book, and indie comics.  I salute you!

Now let’s get this bad boy funded!


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