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Update 18: So Close to the Printers!

So, it’s been two weeks since the Big Convention here in KC.

For reference, here was our banner (“our” being fellow Kickstarter success Marshall Edwards and myself):

We got some decent traffic, all things considered.  We were kind of in the ass end of Artists Alley, so to speak. We were sitting next to four other creators to our right, but everyone else around us were vendors.  The guy to our left was a pleasant enough guy, but primarily sold Manga Studio 4- created straight-on headshots of various superheroes and other pop culture characters (he probably made a mint on the headshots of the Lego Movie characters… lots of parents of little kids there, after all).  We had another pop culture-based painter across the aisle from us, another print artist next to him, and a bunch of woodland/faerie/new-agey brick-a-brack.  Oh well.  I did make a handful of pre-sales of the book in digital format, so that’s good (and Marshall sold quite a few copies of his books as well)!

Now, onto the book progress.


Got lots of these pages.  These are two of the last ten or twelve pages.

Good news:  book’s basic art is pretty much done (or close to done, i.e. minor inking changes here and there), or will be done in the next three days.  I’ve colored a bit of the book and am setting everything up in digital proof files, as required by the printer (I was initially trained in digital pre-press at Mizzou, so this is more of  a tedious, as opposed to difficult, task).

Here is one of the preview pages from the show;  final text in the balloons and captions will be hand-written (as I hate the typefaces I’ve dealt with):


The bad news:  I’m still coloring.  I’m coloring a lot, and will be until everything gets sent off.  My printer is quite fast, but I fear the physical (NOT the digital) book may be later than April 30, as planned.


If this happens (and it might), I will send out a digital copy of the book no later than April 30 to you, so you can at least know it’s done and in your hands, if only virtually, as well as extra source material in your packets of goodies from me as a mea culpa (believe me, I have plenty of extra stuff to go around).  That means that if all you did was order a physical book, and the printing is delayed, you’re getting extra original bits from the book.  If you ordered a package that already had original art or personalized art, you still get that, PLUS more original bits from the book production.

The Early Bird special is still in effect; you can expect your digital copies one week early,  and the physical copies will go out one week ahead of the regular book, as originally planned.

Once the book is in the hands of the printer, I will let you know.  Once that’s in, all the extra original art for backers will be completed!




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Update 17: Comicon Week!

Hey all, before I forget (as I’ve been SWAMPED – and ill – the past week), I need to let you all know about the convention here this weekend in KC!


If you’re in town, I’ll be there, at Planet Comicon, at Bartle Hall, just off of Interstate 70 in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, in Artists’ Alley, at Table 344, next to fellow Kickstarter success story Marshall Edwards, where we will be hawking various wares (books, posters, etc.).  As far as my merch goes, I will be selling digital and physical pre-sales on the book… which get convention goers a free poster upon purchase, so if you missed out on the backing part, you still have a chance to snatch a copy before everything launches live at the end of April! Also, I’ll have new full-color page previews (WITH text, for those curious!) at the table, and take away B&W copies for convention-goers!  Also, for anyone interested, B&W character prints will be on sale for $2.50 a piece until they’re gone, and, in whatever copious downtime I have, I’ll be drawing as I see fit!

If you like, come on in and say “hi”!



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Update #16: Back in the Saddle

sample49Been coloring this page today.  Wanted to start giving you more of a peek at what you’re getting! For those keeping score at home, this is Page 49 (almost done with the inking on the book, but I wanted to show you more or less completed page, just for fun… dialogue is omitted for spoilery reasons).


Well, it’s been a hell of a 2-week period.  An out-of-town funeral, an in-town wedding and rehearsal, and the wedding aftermath (cleaning up, gathering leftovers and beverage returns, etc.).  I have to say, I’m quite happy to be back at the drawing board.  I picked up a pocket watch last weekend, in order to keep tabs on my production time (as I tend to ignore the clock on my Windows taskbar, as it auto-hides for more screen access).  I tend to rough out pages VERY fast, and I tend to ink in an odd way (when I work digitally, which is often, I do less penciling and more straight-up drawing with ink, as it’s easier to erase digitally than even the lightest pencil on board), which takes a little bit longer.  I find that on a good day, I can have two pages ready for coloring in about six hours, sometimes less, depending on my own flow for the day, which is good, especially when that’s the bulk of work left on a project.

To give you an idea of where we are at, with the recent week’s events putting me back a smidge, here goes:

If I’m not done with book production by the day of Planet Comicon (which is March 14-16 at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, if you want to swing by), I’ll be damned close to it.  The publication date is April 30th, and I’m doing everything I can to maintain that date (meaning that a week prior to that, the Early Bird  and Kickstarter Special Editions should be getting mailed out).  It’ll be tight, but it should not be a problem.  If there are any hiccups due to printing, I will let you know as they come up, both here in Updates and on my White Worm Facebook page, as I want everyone who has backed the project to be in the loop.

After the books  out of my hands and into yours, I’m going to be at work on another book, which I think you might like quite a bit (it’ll certainly be a change of pace and scenery), but more on that after this project is shipped off.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to drop a line!

Mike Keener


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Update #15: An Important Note

Hey guys.

I’ve been making a lot of progress this past two weeks.

I do need to tell you, however, it will be a little later than the end of February for completion. It shouldn’t affect the time you guys get your copies/packages, but it does put me a little behind schedule.

This is because of a death in the family this morning and the coming funeral in a few days, as well as a wedding that I’m involved in three days after the funeral.

I will continue to keep you posted; I sort of built my own due date as an ideal anyway, and set my launch date for the end of April just in case anything happened, and it’s looking like it was a very good idea.

In the meantime, hang loose, have a good Valentine’s Day, and tell your family you love them.


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Update 14: Keep on Truckin’

Samples of various pages... just so you know I'm on the up and up! Click to Enlarge!

Samples of various pages… just so you know I’m on the up and up! Click to Enlarge!

So, another Super Bowl Sunday, another work day for me (I’d be out @ a party, but I really want to work today, since yesterday was shot).  Had to take some time culling images from both digital and physical pages for the attached general sample seen here (otherwise would have posted on Friday night).

Not a huge update or anything this week… just movin’ along and working towards the finish line!  When we go to print, I’ll put up a proper 10-page preview for you all to see and read!

One IMPORTANT note, however:  I am going through the list of backers this week, to see who yet needs to send me a photo (assuming you were supposed to).  If you haven’t yet, please do. We’re in the back half of the book, and I have some character slots not yet drawn in, and I don’t want to hold up the book if I can avoid it.  So, if you do get a message from me re: a photo, please respond ASAP.  Thanks!


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Update 13: We’re on our way!


Here are ten physical post-Kickstarter Success pages.  I have another 24 digital pages (I tend to waffle a bit between digital and physical… sometimes I’m not feeling it with Wacom tablet, sometimes I literally run out of room waiting for pages to dry, etc.), and two non-pictured physical pages not pictured.  So as to not give away any plot points, I’ll be creating an individual image this next week with shots from the digital pages for Facebook and the next project update next week!

In other news, I’ve gotten press issues sorted out, business issues taken care of (ISBN, etc.), and, as it stands, the physical book will be for sale on Amazon and my own site (ditto for the digital version)!  I could, arguably, sell on Barnes & Noble’s site, etc., but we’ll have to wait and see.  I’d like to get it on Comixology when it’s all done, if that’s possible (again, I’ll have to wait and see!).

Getting psyched about Planet Comicon… I’ve done half my promo art for it, and I found out that they have William Shatner coming, which, in addition to all the ridiculously talented artists already showing (you can read that list here), puts me over the moon!  Again, if you get a chance, swing into downtown KC the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day and say hey!

’til next week,


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Update 12: Halfway Point !!

Firstly, I ‘d like to apologize for not having an update this past week.  Had a lot of catching up to do, and not much to report then.

And now, onto business…

Well, we’re at the halfway point of my set timetable for book production.  I’m not quite at the halfway point (37 and a half pages finished) but I should be there by the end of the weekend, should I not be interrupted.  As I did not figure my weekends into my work schedule, things could be worse (especially with Christmas and New Years being in the middle of the week!).  The worst thing to happen so far is my new puppy deciding to eat the cable to my webcam, and since the webcam feed has never worked as swimmingly as I would like (with unexpected freezes, etc.), it wasn’t that big of a loss.

Speaking of which, thinking about doing, in lieu of a not-so-great web feed, replacing the webcam and setting up either weekly video web updates, or some sort of video supplement each remaining week.  Any suggestions?

In any case, I plan on posting some new art for you all once I officially get halfway through (this week)!  Keep your eyes on the updates and Facebook!

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Update #11: One day later, I know…

I know, I know, I’m a day late again.  Well, I do have a bit of good news for the book… we’re still on schedule, and I’ll be busy as a demon to keep it that way (only 40 days or so left before we go to the printer!).  I’ve been dealing with a lot of peripheral nonsense from one of my main electronic drawing tools (not going to name names… but they’re name rhymes with “Raycom”).  Have a temporary situation in place for the time being, so that’s nice.

In other news… I will definitely be at Planet Comicon in Kansas City this year!  I’ll be placed somewhere in Artist Alley (not sure where yet, but will give you details once that’s all settled).  The convention takes place the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, so, unfortunately, the book will not be available to take home (I should just be getting a proof around that time).  I can take pre-orders, however, from those who have not already ordered the book or backed the project… thinking about having some free posters available immediately for such potential customers.  I’ll be sharing a table with PCR creator Marshall Edwards.  Come by and hang out!

Back to normal this coming week.  Check out the newly-reinstated Create-O-Cam (now operational, now that the holiday season is over)!  Do let me know if you’re having trouble viewing, though!


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Update #10: Last of the Year (next one in four days!)

This update seems a little late, as I’ve posted one every Friday.  I held off because I wanted to get some info on a (hopeful) outside-the-office workday on New Year’s Day.

The plan was to get confirmation I could go to the venue (my favorite coffee shop), and, with other drawing friends who also go to the same shop, have a productive day that any of you could have come to visit and hang out!

Unfortunately, it looks like said coffee shop will be closed this New Year’s Day (not a usual issue, mind you – been here for drawing on New Year’s Day in the past… just some different circumstances this year).  So, it looks like a regular work day for me.

That’s a good thing, though, as this past week saw little get done.  Part of that was due to being out on Christmas Eve, for obvious reasons, with family.  Christmas Day was spent putting together my big present:  a standing-level drafting table!  I sort of had to close down the studio that day, just for the necessary space and rearranging required to put the damn thing together, but I’m glad I did, as I now have both a standing and a standard sitting drawing table!  I have to say, when it gets cold and nasty this time of year, it’s a good thing to be as active as you can, and keep your metabolism going as fast as you can.

So, I got about 2 1/2 to 3 days worth of actual work done this past week.  This week, I’ll be out of the studio one day.  After that, I’m on a super-tight schedule to get the book finished on time!

Assuming I hear back from a convention promoter, I should have some info for you on that front as well.

Now, back to the drawing board!




PS:  I’m going to try the webcam out again on UStream after New Year’s.  I’m hoping the streaming issues are traffic-related, and that we should be back to normal on that, so you know you spent your money wisely!  If it’s still no dice, I’m gonna have to do some research for a free streaming option.  Again, if anyone has any suggestions, please send them along to me at

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